Natural stone is durable and can be used alone or in conjunction with other masonry structures.

Job No: 12022210

This stone mailbox was constructed to match the existing stone located on the front entrance of the home.


Job No: 10200356

Original wood steps were replaced. Stone steps were constructed as an alternative to brick. North Carolina flagstone was used for this project.


Job No: 10092015

In this instance the homeowner wanted to create an outdoor space that complemented the surroundings. Tennessee crab orchard and Tennessee flagging were used to create a patio that accentuates planting beds and a water feature. Lighting was installed at various locations to add to the design. 

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Job No: 10071510

This homeowner wanted to install a new grill that was accessible from the kitchen area. The stone grill was constructed using Tennessee flagstone to match the existing stone. The countertop is honed stone which is very durable and still keeps the desired look.

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Job No: 10042722

In this instance the homeowner wanted to replace a failing wall with one of a new design. North Carolina flagstone was used in a natural pattern set in mortar. Upon completion the outdoor space not only had a different look but was structurally sound.

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Job No: 09021003

These clients had an idea to replace a damaged brick entrance using stone. The existing brick were removed and replaced using North Carolina fitted stone. Surrounding brickwork was repointed and upon completion the homeowners had a great new look for their front entrance.

Job No: 07110905

Working with a contractor Imagine Brick created an entirely new entrance. The design is based on elliptical shapes that are repeated to create a distinctive entrance unlike any other. Copper Bay, a natural stone was constructed in a fitted pattern.

Job No: 07090702

Original brick coping around pool was removed and replaced with North Carolina flagstone in a natural pattern set in mortar. A new brick wall capped in North Carolina flagstone was constructed along with new privacy walls with entrance gates.


Job No: 07082314

The homeowner was looking to add a covered outdoor space and patio to their back yard. They selected North Carolina fitted stone as an alternative to tile. And used paver brick in a Herringbone pattern for the patio. Imagine Brick constructed the masonry portion of this project working directly with the contractor. The homeowners now have a great space to enjoy and entertain guests - with virtually no maintenance.

Job No: 06051912

This retaining wall was constructed using North Carolina flagstone in a natural pattern. The homeowner added a lower section to an existing driveway. Imagine Brick constructed the third car garage area and added a window at ground level directly behind the retaining wall. The wall was constructed in a serpentine design to contain the landscape and accent the home.

Job No: 06020103

The homeowners had planned to construct a pool and wanted to create an area for outdoor entertaining. Upon meeting with Imagine Brick a design was created, options discussed and once all details were finalized the outdoor kitchen was constructed. Imagine Brick created the stone and masonry kitchen foundation. Other contractors then installed the counter top and appliances.

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Job No: 06010103

The homeowner wanted a path to gain access to the back of their yard to pull a waste container each week. Pennsylvania bluestone was installed over a concrete base in a natural flagstone pattern.

Job No: 06010102

The homeowner wanted a new look for their entrance. North Carolina bluestone was installed over the concrete stoop and step treads.

Job No: 04040799

The homeowners had replaced the outdoor carpet one too many times. Upon discussion they decided for a more permanent solution. Pennsylvania tumbled bluestone was used to enhance the appearance and stand the test of time.

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Job No: 04040306

The client had complete illustrations of what they wanted for a new entrance. The concrete was damaged and the owners needed wheelchair access. Existing concrete was removed entirely and a new stone planter was constructed. A new sloped concrete access was constructed according to the homeowners' plans.


Job No: 03100703

These clients had an idea for a new flag stone patio area. They choose North Carolina flagstone. Drainage was an issue in the area prior to constructing the patio addition. To solve this, we constructed the patio to channel water into the new planting areas. Upon completion, we had solved their drainage problem and given them new space for outdoor entertaining.

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Job No: 03091713

The homeowners were renovating their front entrance. Imagine Brick was contacted to lay fitted Pennsylvania bluestone. The stone was custom cut in rectangular shapes. We provided the concrete base and re-pointed the existing damage on the front steps.

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