Here, you can browse examples of our work based on a primary feature.

Brick Veneer

Brick veneer walls are the most widely used walls for residential construction. The brickwork is a "veneer" since it is a non-loadbearing facing constructed after framing is complete. A brick veneer is proven to increase a home's value and out performs any other exterior building material.

Carved Brick

Handcrafted brick designed and created to offer something unique for those clients who seek to have a custom masonry structure. Designs are limitless due to the fact that any idea can be created in a way that will preserve the image in a timeless manner that only brick can offer. Whether it is a showpiece for yourself or a remembrance for future generations sculpted brick stands alone.

Chimney Repairs

Imagine Brick can inspect your firebox and chimney crown, and install chimney caps to protect against weather and animal incursion. Chimney crowns are exposed to the elements and therefore periodically require maintenance. Cracks present in a chimney crown can make masonry susceptible to water damage. Repairing cracks soon prevents needing more serious repairs later.

If you require a more extensive chimney inspection we recommend Chris Brown at Affordable Chimney Services - (704)526-6348


A masonry entrance "sets off" your property and provides a distinctively recognizable landmark.

Fireplaces and Chimneys

Fireplaces provide a backup or secondary heating system and that need has created a renewed interest in the open fireplace that has historically been the "Heart of the Home".

Garages and Carports

Your cars are worth protecting with the best weatherproof materials. Brick.


A brick mailbox is an ideal way to instantly add curb appeal to your home.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is durable and can be used alone or in conjunction with other masonry structures.

Outdoor Kitchens

From basic grills to full kitchens place your grill in a permanent setting you will enjoy for years to come.

Paver Brick

Paver brick are versatile and can be used for walkways, steps, stoops, patios, and porches.

Porches & Patios

An entrance that reflects function and personality is valued by owners and guests alike.


Repairing brickwork takes knowledge and experience to complete properly.


Masonry steps are durable, low maintenance and are a visual accent to your home.


A masonry wall provides a homeowner with a structure that is second to none for durability and maintenance.