From basic grills to full kitchens place your grill in a permanent setting you will enjoy for years to come.

Job No: 21091010

The homeowner wanted a space for entertaining and cooking outside. So, Imagine Brick designed and constructed a Pompeii Oven as the centerpiece. Carpentry work completed this fine outdoor pavilion.

While commonly called a "Pizza Oven" today, the brick or masonry oven is a traditional cooking solution dating back to the ancient Egyptians and used since throughout the world in various designs including the Indian tandoor oven. This particular one has now been used for tandoori bread, pizzas, pretzels, steaks, chops, kebabs, crab cakes and vegetables du jour. It all comes out delicious because the food is cooked not only by circulating hot air as with a modern gas or electric oven, but also by radiant and conductive heat from the hot dense masonry. Food is moist and tender and cooks quickly.

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Job No: 10071510

This homeowner wanted to install a new grill that was accessible from the kitchen area. The stone grill was constructed using Tennessee flagstone to match the existing stone. The countertop is honed stone which is very durable and still keeps the desired look.

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Job No: 07042713

The homeowner sought to enhance an existing patio with the addition of a permanent brick barbeque grill. The counter top was constructed using honed blue stone. Imagine Brick used this type stone when the homeowner selected it for its durability and resistance to weather.



Job No: 06020103

The homeowners had planned to construct a pool and wanted to create an area for outdoor entertaining. Upon meeting with Imagine Brick a design was created, options discussed and once all details were finalized the outdoor kitchen was constructed. Imagine Brick created the stone and masonry kitchen foundation. Other contractors then installed the counter top and appliances.

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