A masonry entrance "sets off" your property and provides a distinctively recognizable landmark.

Job No: 08061307

After purchasing a property located in an industrial section of Charlotte, the owners created an entrance sign that helped their property to stand out among others.  Imagine Brick worked with the owners to design an entrance sign that adhered to the regulations associated with industrial zoning.

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Job No: 04032216

Homeowners wanted to completely change the entrance to their property.

They had viewed similar designs which included special shaped brick. Their final decision was to construct the entrance in a custom design using no shaped brick. Imagine Brick sawed brick as needed to give the owners what they asked for.

The mailbox was added later as a separate job. See also 04030302 under "Mailboxes". We constructed it in the same design as the entrance according to homeowner's wishes.


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Job No: 03101409

The mailbox was built from the homeowner's drawing as shown in the 'before' picture. We can work from anything - from blueprints to backs of napkins. The entrance was constructed after damage had occurred to the original. The design of the walls is simple as the homeowners wished it to be.

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Job No: 03030199

This neighborhood community wanted to spruce up the signage at the entrances (4) into their subdivision. This became a joint effort of the garden club, property owners and Imagine Brick to create an attractive presentation along Providence Road, each sign crafted to the individual location. One sign was double-sided, the others were single sided.

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Job No: 02060711

Unfortunately, this entrance sign did not say "Stop". We finished the demolition and rebuilt in the same design. Fortunately, the marble slab was undamaged and we could reset it into the rebuilt sign.

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Job No: 02060705

The homeowner wanted an elegant entrance to replace a chain-link fence.

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