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Job No: 11062110

The homeowners contacted us through our website. Imagine Brick met with the homeowners to discuss options that would add a new look and more appeal to the home. It was not long before we knew that the homeowners had great ideas for the improvements. They knew exactly what they wanted. The existing siding was removed and Imagine Brick constructed a new masonry veneer on the garage and front entrance sections along with masonry columns. Working with a carpenter Imagine Brick completed the masonry portion of this project.

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Job No: 11041107

Upon contact Imagine Brick worked with the homeowner to design and construct an addition that utilized the space needed for this family. Working with a contractor Imagine Brick completed the masonry portion of this garage addition.

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Job No: 08082808

The homeowner sought to add a garage to their home. Imagine Brick working in conjunction with a contractor created the masonry foundation to level the space for the garage to be built. Additional masonry steps were constructed to access the rear basement section of the home.

Job No: 06101707

The homeowner was looking to add covered parking to a home in Charlotte's Elizabeth neighborhood. Parking is particularly difficult here and is mostly available only street side. The covered parking area was designed in keeping with the original design of the home with elevated ceiling heights and elliptical archways. Custom fabricated steel supports were used in the elliptical arch construction.


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Job No: 02120101

The client wanted an open carport with some closed storage space. This is what they got.