Fireplaces provide a backup or secondary heating system and that need has created a renewed interest in the open fireplace that has historically been the "Heart of the Home".

Job No: 18131001

The homeowner designed a comfortable patio with an outdoor fireplace, including space for staging fresh wood.

The carved brick centerpiece was prepared especially by Imagine Brick's master mason from an original sketch by the homeowner. Click the "Read More" link.

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Job No: 15011303

The homeowners were looking to enhance their outdoor living area. Imagine Brick worked to design a permanent seating area surrounding a masonry fire pit. 

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Job No: 14081804

The homeowners constructed an addition that created more second story space. The existing chimney was removed and reconstructed with the additional height needed according to code.

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Job No: 09120401

An existing fireplace was removed and replaced using Tennessee thin fieldstone. The project consisted of altering the existing masonry fireplace to create a lower stone surround that was constructed further into room. This design accommodates a wooden mantle and placement of a home entertainment theater system.

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Job No: 09110213

This outdoor fireplace was constructed using brick with stone accent pieces. The hearth was extended on the sides and can be used as seating. The design features a chimney cover constructed of stone that looks great and keeps out the elements.

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Job No: 09011407

The homeowner wanted to change the look of the existing fireplace profile to match the decor. Replacing the existing tile with natural stone entirely altered the appearance of the fireplace and room.

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Job No: 08031211

This chimney features a two course projection as an accent and is an example of a chimney that is not constructed on an outside wall.

Job No: 03060605

This project is located in the Dilworth Community, Charlotte's first subdivision built between the late 1800's and early 1900's. This community's Historical board works to approve all designs for new construction. The homeowners totally renovated the home doing much of the work themselves. The Architect called for the chimney to protrude from the center of the roof line. However the hearth and fireplace profile are located in the corner of the room on the outside wall. This chimney was therefore constructed to twist so as to rise through the center of the roof. The homeowners provided the brick which had been reclaimed from another structure on this site. Using these brick helps to keep the historical value. Here, many years later, these brick have been reassembled into another feature to enhance this community.

Job No: 02060704

This is a fireplace fascia replacement project, seen here in before and after immediate construction. The fire box itself required no work.

Note the use of Ogee shape bricks for the hearth edge. These specialty bricks visually soften the edge of the hearth and give a much more finished appearance on the sides of the hearth than the plain brick seen in the 'Before'. The Flemish bond pattern used in the new fascia also increases the visual appeal.

The fireplace will be finished with a wooden mantel, mounted on the inserts visible on the fascia.

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Job No: 02060703

This job site involved several renovations to a home in Charlotte's historic Dilworth neighborhood. Additions to the home were also being made at this time. The old chimney was in serious disrepair and did not meet current building code. We completely removed it to 3 courses below the roof line and built up the new one from there. After the rebuild it was in compliance with code (and looked a whole lot better!) Renovations included fitting crawl space vents, filling in missing block, and parging up the whole to finish it all off. We also built new steps. The side steps involved building the supporting structure under the columns and then finishing the steps around them. The front steps were built up to the rebuilt porch. Finally, we prepared a foundation for the new porch.

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