Brick veneer walls are the most widely used walls for residential construction. The brickwork is a "veneer" since it is a non-loadbearing facing constructed after framing is complete. A brick veneer is proven to increase a home's value and out performs any other exterior building material.

Job No: 11060208

A previous client contacted us to construct a new addition. Using the design created by the homeowner Imagine Brick completed the masonry portion of this project. Upon completion the homeowner’s ideas became a reality.

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Job No: 07082313

Imagine Brick working with a contractor constructed the masonry portion of this new addition. Like any addition this structure started with the foundation. After the initial framing had been constructed this new space was veneered in keeping the home as a complete brick veneer. This space gave the homeowners not only more square footage but also was design to accommodate multiple areas for privacy, entertaining and overall enjoyment.

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Job No: 03041513

The homeowners in this situation wanted an addition for storage and a room to entertain guests. The contractor spoke with us and set things in motion. We constructed a foundation for a poured slab. Later, as the work had progressed, we veneered the addition adding quoin corners. The area on top of the structure is a tile deck overlooking the pool. Truly a great use of space.


What it was like before:

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Job No: 02060707

This was a new home requiring a full brick veneer which we provided. Note the decorative features around the windows (Jack Arch and Keystone); and the Quoin Corners around the edges of the house. The simple privacy wall will hide the air conditioning units.

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