Brick can be re-used and so can brick buildings. Bricks are among the most commonly salvaged building materials. Salvaged bricks can be used in road construction or crushed, to be used as landscaping mulch. Even if bricks are returned to landfill, because they are made of clay they require no special handling.


COVID 19 Update

Regarding the stay at home order in Mecklenburg County, Imagine Brick Inc. falls under the critical trades building and construction referenced on that is allowed to continue business during the stay at home order.

Imagine Brick continues to operate to serve your needs during this time. However, we recognize that the current Covid 19 social distancing guidelines affect us all.

We can often provide a quote from your photos; or, in the event a site visit is necessary can consult via phone.

Additionally, we provide quotes and invoices electronically and accept payments via Zelle, a fast and easy electronic settlement process offered directly by most banks.

Any questions please call us as we are small business and we are adapting to the situation during these complicated times. 

Last Update: 24 March, 2020

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